Don't meet and lose time unless your meetings are productive and meet your goals.

We work with groups small or large, to lead them through processes and techniques to smash the obstacles and boundaries of conventional thinking and plow into a new paradigm. In general, we work with groups for:

• Process Improvement • New Product Development • Marketing Plan Development • Organizational Issues Resolution • Strategic Planning • Product Naming • Vision And Mission Creation • Decision-Making • Creative Problem Solving

We isolate the meeting attendees from the rest of the world and lead them through a range of techniques and creativity exercises that get their brains working in different ways and thinking about issues from new perspectives. Our techniques are varied to take advantage of the fact that people learn, think, and act in different ways. To the outsider, it can look like anything from a quiet, intentional conversation to a group of people getting wild in a unique and creative multi-media environment.

Duration of a facilitation may vary from half a day to a few days. The group size may vary from as little as six to a few hundred.
1/2–4 Days