New & Improved

The RBL Group, founded by Prof. Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood, is a global professional services firm committed to creating value through leadership and talent, strategic HR, and aligned organization and capability.

Our ideas are the foundation of everything we do. Our research and writing helps shape the global intellectual agenda for HR, talent, organization, and leadership practices. We embed these ideas into products and services that are proven to help you create value.

Here is a list of our latest books and other resources you might find useful.

New & Improved is a consulting company that helps organizations create growth through innovation by helping groups of individuals think creatively and work productively together. We create programs and organizational interventions that provide new skills, methods, techniques and approaches to the work your people do and the challenges they face.

Sometimes our work looks like a training program. Sometimes it’s structured like a keynote speech. At times it looks like a facilitated group problem solving session. Frequently it involves team-building. Usually it’s some combination of things that fit together in a package of sophisticated organizational development initiatives. But the bottom line is that we customize programs to help people work together and create great things.

Here is our latest book: Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts: 12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence